MozTW Lab

MozTW Lab

A place where you can make friends, gossip, and study with each other.

A place where you can…

  • 聊聊 Web 界的八卦 Unveil gossips of the Web
  • 找人幫你的作品給點意見 Get comments for your works
  • 與志同道合的夥伴見面 Meet partners with common interests
  • 約團購面交 Shop together to get discounts
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什麼是 MozTW Lab?
What is MozTW Lab ?

台北這邊的 Lab 從來都不是為了有什麼目標或者要作什麼事情而聚的,
We do not need a certain goal or something to do for Lab at Taipei.
There is new information to discuss, and difficulties to solve, but there is no unified target.
-- BobChao,〈台北的 MozTW Lab,都在幹麼?〉

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    那裡有 MozTW Lab?
    Where are MozTW Labs ?

    You are so lucky that we got MozTW Labs at Taipei and Hsinchu:

    (場地資訊可能隨時會變動,請記得注意一下 Twitter 資訊 : P)
    (In case that venues vary at times, follow up at Twitter in advance :P)

    來開 Lab! Start a new Lab!

    你也想在自己的所在地開一個定期的 MozTW Lab 嗎?請上 MozTW-General 郵件群組呼朋引伴。
    Do you want to start a MozTW Lab at your location in Taiwan periodically? Hail your friends on MozTW-General.